• What Are The Types Of Weaves?

    The Plain Weave is the most commonly used and simplest wire cloth weave. Each warp wire (wire running-parallel to length of cloth) passes alternately over and under the wires running traversely through the cloth (fill or shoot wires) at 90 degree angles. It has an extremely wide range of applica...
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  • Wire Mesh Defects?

    1. Folding Marks: The stripe marks on wire mesh surface that cannot be erased. 2. Broken Holes: Multi-pieces broken wires at same site to form a hole in the surface. 3. Rusty Spots: Colored changed by corrosion. Color spots in the surface. 4. Broken Wire: Broken of single wire. 5. Wire Back: ...
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  • How To Measure Wire Cloth?

    A:     Space Cloth identifies the open area between the parallel wires. B:     Mesh Count identified as the number of openings per linear inch. Mesh count can be shown as either a whole number, fraction, or as two numbers unless the material is a specialty cloth called space cloth – each ...
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