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The Boegger focused on wire weaving 15years more in China, all the meshes are produced according to ASTM and ISO standard, whether your needs require sheets or rolls, Boegger could provide the highest quality wire mesh for customers and projects, welcome your special requirements, your special alloy needs, and Boegger always could produce your prototypes or production runs on time due to flexible manufacture schedules.

The Boegger mainly produces: stainless steel green facade, perforated metal facade cladding, perforated metal ceiling, expanded metal sheet, decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding, wired glass, chainmail curtain, scale mesh curtain, metal coil drapery, mesh curtain wall, wire mesh belt, chain link curtain, metal Bead curtain, etc., welcome new and old customers to inquire about the price

The Boegger is adhering to the “create value for partners,” the core values of honesty, tolerance, innovation, service “as the spirit of enterprise,  to create value for partners through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.

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